We are so excited to announce that we are bringing the Veg Fest vibes to Santa Clarita for the first time ever! We are so freakin’ lit up by the plant-based, compassionate heart-centered Movement going down right now. The timing couldn’t be better. We feel that our valley (and the world) is finally ready to wholeheartedly embrace and receive this evolution.

The feedback and interest we’ve received already is electric, and serves as proof that this entity is ready to be brought to life!

This is our first time orchestrating an event of this magnitude so all of the expenses are coming directly out of our savings account, which we are more than happy to do! Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough saved to cover everything.

We didn’t choose to birth this Veg Fest, she (our entities powerful feminine energy) chose us. Her bigness is felt and her vision is clear, now it’s up to US to come together and help bring her to life.

If you’re being called to attend and be a part of this movement and that’s all you can handle at this time, great! Your presence alone elevates us and means more than you know.

If you’d like to make a donation, whatever the size, and you’re being called to it, we humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Without you this Festival wouldn’t be possible.

With these words and this invitation, we speak our Hearts truth that we are not just contributing to the Movement, we ARE the Movement.

Peace Love Light,



Your blessing contributes to the birthing & flight of the following:

Tenting: a place where we will host our Celebrity Q&A panels, Kakao (Cacao) Ceremonies, yoga, meditation, social media hub, First Aid, Keynote Speakers, etc.

Lighting: When the sun goes down we want to create a beautiful ambiance with a dynamic lighting system that matches the festivals blissful vibe.

Permits: These are what allow us to rent out the park, acquire the beer/liquor license, LA County Health permit, and the Safety Permit.

Portable Restrooms: We value your comfort and the convenience of having a plethora of restroom options to choose from when nature calls.

Stage: We’d love to provide a place for the speakers, DJ, and live band to perform on and speak from.

Fencing: In order for all beer and wine to be freely accessed anywhere within the festival we need to have the entire park fenced in for safety reasons

Security Team: Your safety is our top priority, so we’d like to bring in a top-notch security team to ensure everything flows smoothly and everyone remains safe.

First Aid Team: Once again, your safety is our top priority, so in the event that something happens we’d like to be prepared with certified First Aid Specialists who are there ready to help if need be.